I love my wife

I do a terrible job of telling my wife why I love her. Well, here’s a start. Kristy, I love you because:

  • When I’m stressed you know how to make me feel better and calm down; when you smile, you genuinely make everything OK.
  • You keep me grounded. When I want to take on a million new projects, you pull me back
  • I want to be a better person when I’m around you
  • You pursue your dreams, and your enthusiasm for them is contagious
  • When I do some crazy thing at the last minute for your anniversary gift each year, you still appreciate it.
  • Even when I do disappoint you, you still let me know you love me.
  • You always want and do what’s best for our family, even when it means sacrificing something that you want for yourself
  • You have made me appreciate art again
  • Nobody likes me
  • You have big dreams, not just for you, but for us
  • I know that you don’t like being stuck in the house, but you’re taking the pandemic situation incredibly well
  • Your sense of humor makes me happy.
  • You laugh at my terrible jokes, even though I know you don’t think they’re funny.
  • You keep me accountable, but are still there for me when I fall short
  • When you know something is important to me, you make it happen
  • You are probably wondering if I’m ever going to be done right now, but you aren’t asking me because you understand the concept of a “Chris Minute.”
  • Even though I think you’re just about perfect, you’re constantly striving to make yourself better, and you are successful at it.
  • You accept my shortcomings
  • We both enjoy photography
  • You started a race car fund for me (even if it is still just $5)
  • You know when to listen, and when to tell me to shut up.
  • a million more reasons….

I know you deserve a longer list, and one day you’ll have it, but for today, on our 8 year wedding anniversary, I hope this serves as a good starting point.

I love you babe.